Yamunotri Yatra 2019

About Yamunotri Yatra 2019 : The Divine Trail to The Land of Gods

Yamunotri is situated at the source of Yamuna River on the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand at a height of 3,293 meters above the sea level on the western side of Garhwal Himalayas. Yamunotri is prominent for its hot springs and enormous mountain peak as well as surrounding glacier along the gushing water from Yamuna River.

The river has special connotation in Hindu mythology making it one of the sacred pilgrimage sites in the Char Dham Yatra in the Dev Bhoomi. Yamuna River is the second most sacred river in India after Ganges and hence a dip in the gushing water is believed to have the potential to cleanse all sins from an individual’s soul.

The Yamunotri temple is the holy abode of Goddess Yamuna. The temple is located at the foot of Kalind Peak or Parbat.  Settled in a corner of Himalayas the temple is said to have designed and planned by the King of Tehri, Naresh Sudarshan Shah in 1839. Here the goddess is worshipped in the form of a black marble idol, and Ganga devi is worshipped in the form of white idol just beside Yamuna.

yamunotri yatra
Yamunotri Temple – Uttarakhand

Yamunotri Dham : Where Serenity Meets Spirituality

Pleasing Journey to Yamunotri in 2019 is scheduled to begin on the holy occasion of Akshay Tritiya in the month of April – May. It is the same day that leads to the beginning of the Char Dham yatra 2019. It then remains open for the pilgrims till the month of October and November and the kapat closes on Yama Dwitiya (day after Diwali or Bhai Dooj date is decided as per the lunar calendar) as the winter approaches.

In extreme winter the temple and places around the Mandir is covered with snow and it is difficult for pilgrims to reach the temple. Hence, in winter the kapat remains closed and the deity is shifted to Kharsali village on a palanquin and is worshipped here for next few months.

On the Akshay Tritiya, she returns to her abode and the kapaat (door) is opened with grace and Puja. The opening and closing ceremony is grand in nature and is celebrated with elaborate rituals as well as Vedic chants.

Top sights and temples around Yamunotri Dham

Some of the other Tourist Places On The Way To Yamunotri includes the following –

      • Yamunotri Temple : The yamunotri temple is first halt on the Char Dham yatra in the Dev Bhoomi. The beauty of the place captivates the heart of the worshippers and transcends them to a spiritual oblivion state. The idol of the Goddess of Yamuna is placed inside the temple and is worshipped by the pilgrims.
      • Surya Kund : Also known as the Pond of the Sun is a holy hot spring at Yamunotri dham. There are several hot springs and pilgrims enjoy taking a bath in the hot springs amidst chilly Weather Conditions. The emission of boiling hot water from the heart of the mountains attracts tourists to boil rice and potatoes by dipping the vegetables and pulses tied in a muslin cloth. After preparing the rice and boiled potato it is offered at the temple and consumed as a Prasad of the Goddess Yamuna.
    • Divya Shilla : This reddish-brown rock is of special attraction for the tourists as it identified as the deity, Yamuna maa or mother Goddess. The divine stone or divya shilla is near to Surya Kund, and mythological it is believed that touching this sacred stone will help in attaining spiritual liberation.

Besides exploring temples and offering prayer to the temples around the char dham, Uttarakhand is the home for adventurous activities and scenic beauty. Activities like trekking, basking in the sunlight and experiencing the natural beauty of the mountain while paying homage to the temples heals you mind and soul in an interesting way.

Several activities on the mountains will make you divine journey into a stunning experience amidst the mesmerizing environment and pleasant weather.

      • Trekking to Jankichatti Hot water spring
      • Basking in the serene Barkot along the river
      • Climbing to stunning Hanumanchatti
      • Paying homage at the temples along the en route and beyond Yamunotri
      • Visiting the Saptrishi Kund

Best Time to Visit Yamunotri Dham

The temple remains open from April – May to October – November. However, for the tourists and worshipers it is advised that they should pay their visit between April and June and again between September and October-November. The weather remains excellent during this period and chances of snow or rain are negligible.

Travelling in monsoon is not advised as due to rain often landslides, and flash floods affect the roads which may cause accidents. Besides this very high temperature and heavy snow fall in winter forces closed down of the temple as the roads remain inaccessible. Hence, the best time to visit the Yamunotri Temple is in the summer season.

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How to reach Yamunotri dham

Destination RouteDistance in KmsApprox Taxi Fare
Distance from Haridwar to Yamunotri223 Kms8500 INR
Distance from Delhi to Yamunotri414 Kms15,500 INR
Distance from Dehradun Airport to Yamunotri198 Kms8500 INR

By Air :

In order to travel via air you have to reach the nearest Jolly Grant airport on the Dehradun and Rishikesh road and then hire a cab to reach Yamunotri. Local taxi services are ample in number and may be booked online through travel advisors.

By Train :

You can reach Haridwar or Dehradun via regular trains and then book a cab online to reach Yamunotri dham safely. Our taxi services are available to help you reach comfortably and pay homage at the temples.

By Road :

Sharing Taxi To Yamunotri is a common way to reach the Char dham and offer Pujas. You can also book taxis from Dehradun or Rishikesh and reach the destination. If you plan to visit the Dev Bhoomi in 2019, plan now and book in advance to avail up to 20% Discount On Yamunotri & Gangotri Yatra.

Travel Tips for Tourists and Pilgrims While Exploring Towards the High Altitude

Since you will be travelling such high altitude it is advised that all members in the group should go for a complete health check-up. Special care should be taken for the children and senior citizens. Ample Woolens should be carried to avoid catching cold or suffer from frost bite.

Also asthma protection measures should be taken, that is you must carry inhalers to avoid any sort of breathing problems caused due to thinning of air. Those planning for nearby trek, should carry proper shoes and cover themselves properly. Take advice from local guides.

Top Hotels to Reside at Yamunotri

Fooding and Lodging at Yamunotri may be decided as per your budget. There are several hotels from which you may choose. However, since during the peak season the demand is high and often rooms are not available So it is suggested that you take help from the tour advisors at TravelOdesk and get confirmed booking prior to your plans to Char Dham Yatra. Some of the most recommended hotels here are –

  1. Chauhan Annexe
  2. Hotel Samrat
  3. Karan Palace
  4. Camp Nirvana Barkot

You can stay in Barkot or Kedarnath and book a Local taxi to visit the temples around Dev Bhoomi.

Budget Hotels Near to Yamunotri & Gangotri Temples are also available. With a little help from the tour planners you can get rooms at a starting price of Rs.1500 in Devdar resort, or Rs 2500 at Nature Resort, Rs.3000 at Wanderer’s Nest, Hotel Uttarayan at Rs.3500 and so on.

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