Beautiful Beaches in India

Top 10 Beautiful Beaches in India for Every Beach Lover

Beaches are the favorite holiday destination for many people. If you are one of them and never get tired of visiting the ocean/sea then this blog is for you. India is a tropical country surrounded by any beautiful beaches around the southern part of the country. We have shortlisted some of the best of the lot just for you. Read on to find out.

Summers or winters, beaches have its own fan following. Young and adult has so much to do by the beach side. You can play, jump, sun soak and take up so many water adventure sports. Children can build their own dream sand castles….the possibilities are endless in these top beaches of India. Not only by the day, night by the beach, is equally wonderful and refreshing. Let us get inside the alluring beach sides in India and find out what they have in store for us. We have divided the beaches according to their cardinal locations.

Beaches in the West and South West of India

Palolem Beach in Goa

Palolam Beach Goa
Palolem Beach View with Colorful bungalows and boats – South Goa

Coconut trees lined along the shoreline. Waves thumping at the bay. Smell of earth and water in a magical aroma. A perfect description of a beach, Goa is a beach lover’s paradise. Perhaps that is why Palolem topped our list of the top 10 beaches in India.

Activities and Things to do in Palolem

  • Once in Palolem, you can enjoy a typical beach day.
  • Enjoy the various water sports and sip at tender coconuts.
  • You can also head for the nearly wildlife sanctuary and spot a few wild animals.
  • ‘Silent Parties’ (partying with headphones on, as loud music is banned after 10pm) are a thing in the Palolem beach.

Palolam Beach Nearby attractions

Following are the Palolam beach nearby attractions –

  • Agonda Beach
  • Dudhsagar waterfall
  • Cotigao wildlife sanctuary
  • Butterfly beach famous for its gold fishes.

How to reach Palolem Beach ?

You can easily reach Goa by air or railway from various parts of the country. Dabolim Airport is the nearest airport and Madgaon and Vasco Da Gama is the nearest railway station. Goa lovers can also fly from Mumbai airport (Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport) and Delhi airport (Indira Gandhi International Airport).

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Gokarna Beach in Karnataka

Gokarna Beach in Karnataka
Tropical view of Gokarna Coastline – Karnataka

Gokarna can be termed as the pilgrim’s paradise. Not only that, even regular tourists can get their fair share of beach fun from the pristine beaches of Gokarna. Gokarna is not a single beach but a succession of many within a small range. Here, beaches have the perfect dusty white sand and azure blue water. You can expect the regular beach activities here along with breathtaking scenic beauty, which makes it one of top beaches of India.

Beach Activities in Gokarna

The beach activities in Gokarna are endless like –

  • You can go for a thrilling Banana Boat ride for just INR 300 per person
  • Alternatively you can simply soak the cool sea breeze and enjoy the local beach delicacy.
  • The night walk by the beach like Nirvana Beach will welcome you by the glowing phytoplankton. It will be sight straight out of the insta-pics.

Gokarna Nearby attractions

Gokarna beach nearby attractions are –

  • Mirjan Fort
  • Mahabaleshwar temple
  • Koti Tirtha
  • Shiva cave (an offbeat attraction)

How to reach Gokarna Beach ?

The nearest airport to reach Gokarna is actually Dabolim airport in Goa. Alternatively one can also reach Hubli Airport in Karnataka which is further from Gokarna than Goa.

Kaup Beach in Karnataka

Kaup Beach Karnataka
Amazing view of Kaup Beach in Karnataka – India

This is one of the less crowded beaches in India, owing to its location. But people traveling to Udupi or Mangalore must never miss visiting the pristine beaches of Kaup.

Main Tourist Attractions in Kaup Beach

  • Near to the beach you can find an old temple and a classic light house.
  • Once in Kaup beach, you can enjoy the pristine water of the Arabian Sea lashing out in the shore. Most people love to go up the lighthouse to get a panoramic view of the ocean.
  • The beach is dotted with food stalls where you can easily satiate your hunger.
  • People prefer to spend the evening here as the sunset is quite a spectacle from the beach.

Kaup Beach Nearby attractions

Following are Kaup beach nearby attractions –

  • Sri Krishna Temple
  • Mary’s island
  • Paradise beach

How to Reach Kaup Beach ?

In order to reach Kaup beach, the nearest airport is Bajpe Airport which is in Mangalore. The nearest rail station is in Innanje railway station in Karnataka which is around 4 kms from Kaup.

Tarkarli Beach in Maharashtra

Tarkarli Beach Malvan
People Having good Time at Tarkarli Beach – Malvan, Maharashtra

A beach teeming tourists during the holiday season, Tarkarli is among the most visited beach in India. Sindhudurg, the famous sea fort in Maharashtra is the center of attraction here. The glittery, powder like soft white sand is a perfect crowd attractor in Tarkali. The suru tree lined coast provides a perfect place to relax after a day at the beach.

Fun Things to do at Tarkarli Beach

  • Snorkelling and scuba diving is a major attraction in Tarkarli beach. Price ranges between INR 8002000 depending on the season and package.
  • Para sailing is another activity that is gaining prominence in the area.
  • Tarkali beach also has a backwater that makes house boat After spending a day at the beach, you can chose to spend the night in the house boats.
  • Regular beach activities are always an option. Your children can easily make a sand castle out of the soft white sand.

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Tarkarli Beach Nearby Attractions

Tarkarli beach nearby attractions are these –

  • Crocodile island
  • Talashil peninsula
  • Sindhudurg Fort

How to Reach Taekarli Beach ?

Dabolim airport in Goa is the nearest airport through which you can reach Tarkali. You can easily hire a taxi to reach he town which is just 2 hours away from airport. Kudal station is the nearest station to reach Tarkali.

Bekal Beach in Kerala

Bekal Beach Kerala
Bekal Beach view with Palm Trees – Kerala

Think of beach rocks, ancient forts, backwater and pristine sand? Then think of Bekal Beach. This beach is a famous one in the state of Kerala. The warm Keralites offers their services at the beach will surely win you over. There are plenty of accommodation option near the beach.

Things to do in Bekal Beach

  • You can spend a regular beach day at Bekal beach.
  • The Bekal fort is a tourist hot spot as people can get a gorgeous view of the ocean and the coastline from the fort. So simply enjoy the nature here.
  • This beach has been kept decorated with tress to provide natural shade.
  • You can also pay a visit to the Rock garden in the parking area.
  • An observation tower stands tall in the beach from where you can get a panoramic view.

Bekal Beach Nearby Attractions

 Bekal beach nearby attractions are as follows –

  • Pallikara beach park
  • Trikkannad Tryambakeshwara Temple
  • Chandragiri Fort
  • Muzhappilangad Drive in Beach

How to Reach Bekal Beach ?

The nearest airport to reach Bekal is Mangalore International airport in Mangalore. If you want to travel by train then Kasaragod station is the point. This station falls under a major train route of the west and south India. Regular buses ply from important cities like Kochi, Kannur or Thrissur to this place.

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Beaches in the East and South East India

Puri Sea Beach in Orissa

Puri Beach Odisha
Woman with Her Kid Doing Camel Ride – Puri Beach, Odisha

People residing in the east India has definitely been to Puri at least once. It is a teeming beach in the coastal state of Orissa and the largest on in the country. Apart from the beach the state has some famous tourist spots forests, ancient architecture, river islands and much more. There are many beaches across the stretch of the sea town called Puri.

Main Attractions and Fun Activities at Puri Sea Beach

  • The beach of Puri is an extended one across the length of the town. There are numerous beach side resorts that is just a few steps away from the beach.
  • Every evening in Puri beach is a carnival.
  • There are loads of food stalls and other shops that sell local handicraft and other items.
  • Camel ride and horse ride is a popular activity.
  • Riding the huge waves and taking a dip in the ocean is the favorite pass time for visitors.

Puri Sea Beach Nearby Attractions

Puri sea beach nearby attractions are below –

  • Mahatma Gandhi park
  • Puri Jagannath Temple
  • Konark temple ( around 35 kilometers away)
  • Sudarshan crafts museum

How to Reach Puri Sea Beach ?

The nearest airport to reach Puri is Biju Patnayak International airport in the nearby town of Bhubaneshwar. The nearest station is Puri Railway station which is a terminus station connecting Puri to the rest of India easily. The road to Puri is equally well developed by the government of Orissa. You can easily travel on road to reach this beautiful town.

Mandarmoni Beach in West Bengal

Mandarmoni Beach
Mandarmoni Beach – One of the Most Beautiful Beaches in West Bengal

This is one such beach destination that has seen a recent growth of popularity. The development of tourism in West Bengal has redesigned this virgin beach to a popular holiday destination. The beach in Mandarmoni overlooking the water of Bay of Bengal, has a private feel to it. Not many places to stay and the hotels are in high demand. You must plan your stay ahead of the peak season in order to get a booking here.

Why to choose Mandarmoni Beach ?

  • Once in Mandarmoni, you must enjoy the serene and calm atmosphere that surrounds the place. The beach here is not as crowded as the other beaches.
  • You can enjoy the perfect sunrise and sunset right from the beach resorts. The ambiance of the place is what attracts visitors from far and wide.
  • This beach is also a popular choice for honeymooners.

Mandarmoni Beach Nearby Attractions

Mandarmoni beach top nearby attractions are –

  • Chandpur beach
  • Shankarpur Champa river estuary
  • Amrabati Park

How to Reach Mandarmoni Beach ?

The nearest airport to reach Mandarmoni is Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose airport in the metro city, Kolkata. One can hire cabs to reach the beach from there.

Rushikonda Beach in Andhra Pradesh

Rushikonda Beach Andhra Pradesh
Rushikonda Beach Coastline in Andhra Pradesh – India. Credit – Wikipedia

This beach is also one of the lesser known beaches in east India that helps to retain its virgin beauty. The beach is located in Vishakhapattanam, the popular tourist town in Andhra Pradesh. The strong sea currents are a characteristic feature of this beach. It is also a local picnic spot.

Major Attraction at Rushikinda Beach

  • Rushikonda beach is notorious for its fiery water.
  • The place offers Kayaking options for adventure lovers but not for beginners.
  • You can also climb up the rock formation of the Dolphin Snout and enjoy the surreal beauty of the surrounding water.
  • There is the famous Venkateshwara temple for the devout soul. Rushikonda beach is definitely a unique experience.

Rushikinda Beach Nearby Attractions

Rushikinda beach top nearby attractions are like –

  • Tenneti Park
  • Victory At Sea War Memorial
  • Matsya Darshini
  • Indira Gandhi National Zoological Park
  • ThotlaKonda

How to Reach Rushikinda Beach ?

The nearest airport to reach Rushikonda is Visakhapatnam airport that has flights to all major cities in India. You have to take a car from the airport to reach the beach. The nearest railway station is Vizag railway station. There is well developed network of road connecting Rushikonda to the rest of India.

Beaches Far from the Mainland of India

Radhanagar Beach in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Radhanagar Beach
Soothing view of Radhanagar Beach in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Credit – ralexander Photos/flickr

This picturesque beach is just like a snap straight out of a postcard. Radhanagar beach is technically referred to as beach number 7 of Andaman. It is popular as one of the best beaches in the entire Asia. The serene ambience makes it a perfect hub for people holidaying.

Top Things to do in Radhanagar Beach

  • Radhanagar is a perfect getaway spot. You can soak the fresh sea breeze and enjoy the sunshine.
  • You can take deep sea dive to witness the corals in their natural habitat.
  • Scuba diving and sea walking can also be done here.
  • Snorkeling is gaining popularity due to the pristine water and rich marine life found here.

Radhanagar Beach Nearby Attractions

Radhanagar beach nearby attractions to be experienced are –

  • Cellular jail
  • Trekking path to Elephant beach
  • Limestone cave
  • Ecological park

How to Reach Radhanagar Beach ?

You have to reach Andaman by flight (Port Blair airport) as that is the only feasible option. Taking the sea way will take a lot of time. Once in Andaman, you have to take a seaplane to reach Radhanagar. Alternatively you can avail the catamaran services or even government boats to reach the various island.

Minicoy Island in Lakshadweep

Minicoy Island
Beautiful Holiday Vllage on Minicoy Tropical Island – Lakshadweep

This particular beach in Lakshadweep is one of the most isolated one in the entire archipelago. People comes to indulge in the essence of seclusion here. All the sought after water activities are done here. The Minicoy beach is ideal for couples and family vacation alike.

Top Activities to do in Minicoy Island That are Not to be Missed

  • Once in Minicoy you can enjoy the shallow azure water by the beach.
  • The balanced water current makes it an ideal place for undertaking kayaking.
  • This island is a great place to spend time with your entire family by simply sun bathing at the beach.
  • You can also take part in snorkeling, scuba diving and other such activities.

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Minicoy Island Nearby Attractions

Minicoy island top nearby attraction is –

  • The Minicoy Island lighthouse

How to Reach Minicoy Island ?

In order to reach Minicoy one must first reach Lakshadweep mainland. Kochi international airport is the nearest airport. From there you have to take the ships that departs from Kochi port for Lakshadweep.

And the list comes to an end. You must be wondering which destination to choose for your next vacation. Well, whatever your choice, you will be in for a visual treat. Plan your trip well in advance so that you can make the best arrangements.

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