Kedarnath Yatra

Kedarnath Yatra 2019: the road to attain solace

Nestled on the Garwal range of Himalayas, in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand the Kedarnath dham is one of the most visited places by the worshippers of Lord Shiva in the Dev Bhoomi.

The kedarnath yatra 2019 is scheduled to begin around the month of April, as the holy kapat opens on the Akshay Tritiya and remains accessible for pilgrims till the Kartik purnima in the month of November. Due to extreme cold and blistering weather in winter the deities are shifted to the temples of Ukhimath from the Kedarnath temple and are worshipped here. The Kedarnath yatra, or the spiritual journey to the mountain of the Gods is covered with snow and after Gauri Kund the pilgrim has to complete a 14kms trek, on ponies or palanquins or on foot. For aged people or senior citizens helicopter services are also available from Phata to Kedarnath temple to help pilgrims reach temple safely.

Kedarnath Dham: indulge into a spiritual journey

Located at the backdrop of the Kedarnath range this holy town is one of the most visited spots in the char dham in Uttarakhand or Dev Bhoomi. This is a sacred pilgrimage spot as it is believed that Lord Shiva left his ‘hump’ here when he took a dip in the form of bull beneath the earth after being requested by the Pandavas in Mahabharata. The temple is of special significance. Kedar means powerful and another name for Lord Shiva the epitome of power and protection of mankind is worshipped here in the temple. This quiet place is a perfect place for meditation and attracts devotees from across the world. The temple of Kedarnath has a special place in the 12 jotir lingams and an important temple among the 5 Shiva temples in the Garwal Himalayas or Panch kedar.

The snow covered natural beauty of the mountains; coupled with the breath taking view of the Mandakini river around the height 3,584 meters enchants human soul and psyche. The nature not only calms the distressed mind, it also leads to attainment of inner peace and tranquillity.

Best time to visit Kedarnath dham:

Due to extreme cold weather and snowfall the temple remains open for six months of the year and remains closed during the winter. The Best Time to Visit Kedarnath Ji Temple is between April- July soon after the kapat opens on the holy day of Akshay Tritiya. During the day time, the bigraha or deities may be worshipped by the pilgrims.

Time, Date & Month of Opening Kedarnath Temple

Pilgrims are advised to indulge into the journey between April-May to June and September to October –November. It is advised to avoid the monsoon, due to chances of flood and landslide. The roads remain wet and accidents are prone to happen. Summer is the best time to enjoy the serene ambience in Kedar and offer pujas in the temple.

Time, Date & Month of Closing Kedarnath Temple

Kartik purnima in the month of October –November is the final day of offering pujas and worshipping at the temple. After the same day, the deities are shifted and the temple remains closed for winter.

How to reach Kedarnath dham:

Kedarnath is well connected via air, rail or road. Prominent routes and travelling options are mentioned below for further information on How To Reach Kedarnath Temple by air, train or cab. The distance of Kedarnath from other cities are mentioned below

Destination route

Distance in kms

Approx Taxi Fare

Distance from Haridwar to Kedarnath

123 kms

Rs 8500

Distance from Dehradun Airport to Kedarnath

257 kms approx

Rs 9500

Distance from Delhi to Kedarnath

295 kms

Rs 13,500

Distance from Tungnath Temple to Kedarnath Ji

71.1 kms

Rs 4500

Rishikesh to Kedarnath temple

223 kms approx.

Rs 8500

By Air:

Jolly Grant is the nearest airport to Kedarnath. It is located close to Dehradun and you can hire a taxi online to reach Gaurikund comfortably. Helicopter service is also available during the season from Phata to Kedarnath.

By Train:

Delhi to Haridwar and Dehradun trains are available all-round the year. After reaching the station, you have to book a local taxi to reach your destination.

By Road:

Both buses and on hire cabs are available as Gaurikund is well connected from Rishikesh, Rudraprayag, Haridwar, Uttarkashi, Chamoli, Pauri etc. During peak season the demand of cabs is very high, so to avoid last moment cancellation and disappointment you should plan early and book assured cabs from TravelOdesk. Plan now for the 2019 yatra and you can avail discount on the advanced booking from the trip planners and taxi service providers in India.

From Gaurikund you have several options like,

Pony ride or palanquin or helicopter to reach the temple and pay homage to the hoky shrine.

Cost of the ride:

Way to Jai Kedar:


Helicopter Ticket Cost From Phata to Kedarnath

Rs 7500

Pony Ride Cost to Kedarnath Temple

Rs 2500


Rs 4550

Tourist attractions in Kedarnath:

Tourist Places On The Way To Kedarnath are endless in number. The below mentioned list discusses some of the prominent locations you would hate to miss on your trip to Kedarnath dham:

  1. The Kedarnath temple
  2. Hot spring of Gaurikund
  3. Chorabari Tal
  4. Bhairav temple
  5. Vasuki tal
  6. Panch kedar
  7. Chopta
  8. Guptkashi
  9. Son prayag
  10. Gandhi sarovar

Besides the temple visit, young adventurous soul could indulge into thrilling mountain treks

  1. Trek to Chorabari Tal: trekking path along the blue lake mesmerizes the senses of the trekkers under the cloudless sky. The path is a visual treat for lens enthusiasts. It is believed that Lord Shiva shared valuable information with Sapta Rishi at the bank of this pristine lake. The Gandhi sarovar or Chrabari Tal is at a distance of 3km from Kedarnath.
  2. Deoriya Tal: this trekking path is generally trailed by the first timers. This is more an enjoyable walk down the rocky paths surrounding the temple situated in the ranges. You will enjoy the surrounding visuals and charm your senses. You can also enjoy a camping stay to experience the thrill of resting around the snow. The natural beauty, snowcapped mountains, scenic background attracts thousands of photography enthusiasts from various international magazines and web journals.
  3. Trek to the Kedarnath peak: those who are captivated by the beauty of the Himalayas, may indulge into a thrilling trek to the Kedarnath peak. Expeditions with mountain climbers will further spice up your trip to the Kedarnath trek escapade. The challenge is to climb the steep path to reach the peak and enjoy the pristine beauty of the nature.


Where to stay in Kedarnath and How To Get 20% Discount On Kedarnath Trip:

Since Kedarnath is a prominent tourist spot, there are several hotels and lodges from which you can select the Budget Hotels Near to Kedarnath Temple. Since the hotels are in high demand during the season, try and book in advance with the trip advisors to enjoy discounted rates or special 20%discount on key hotels.

Some of the most prominent hotels where you can stay are mentioned below;

  1. Punjabi Sindh Awas
  2. Char dham camp
  3. Hotel Shubham Monal resort

Depending on the budget you can even stay in hotels in Badrinath or Gangotri and then book a local cab from TravelOdesk to explore the temples around Uttrakhand. You can avail 20% discount on our kedarnath yatra by booking hotel & taxi both all together in advance from the tour advisors. Remember, you plan and we help your each your destination comfortably via prebooked cabs online. Trust the services, choose the pocket friendly vehicles and experience touring along the Himalayas in a safest way. We have the best chauffer driven cabs to help you reach any location in a comfortable way.  So, all you need is to come out with a plan and then leave the rest on the travel advisors to experience a journey like never before.

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