Gangotri Yatra

Gangotri Yatra 2019: The Path to Achieve Sanctity in Life

Gangotri is one of the main Pilgrim site of the ‘Char Dham’ in India. Gangotri is located in Uttarkashi in Uttarakhand. The name Gangotri is derived from the Ganga River. The Gangotri is located at the origin of Ganga known as Bhagirathi here.

Every year devotees visit Gangotri temple to pay homage to Devi Durga and to complete the Char Dham circuit. The beautiful scenery of the adjacent hills and river add to the charm of the place.

Gangotri Temple in Uttarakhand
Maa Gangotri Temple – Uttarakhand

Opening of the Temple for 2019: The tentative dates for the opening of the Gangotri temple gate is 7th May 2019. The temple will remain open till 27th October 2019. The devotees have to visit the holy shrine within these few months. You have to make your bookings at the earliest to avoid unwanted delay. Also the best deals will be yours if you book your Gangotri tour early.

How to Reach Gangotri ?

Usually visitors reach Gangotri from three parts of the country. They are Haridwar, Delhi and Dehradun. You can choose whichever place is nearest to you and also select the places you would like to visit along with Gangotri. The details are given below.

From Haridwar :

If you are starting your journey from Haridwar, then you have to pre book any taxi service and take the road to Gangotri. Your travel agent will book either a round trip or one way trip according to your preference.

From Delhi :

If you want to start from Delhi then you might want to visit Haridwar on the way. In that case your travel agent will book your cab from Delhi to Haridwar and then to Gangotri and back. Both, round trip or one way trip options are available.

From Dehradun :

There are two options to reach Gangotri from Dehradun. You can either book a chauffeur driven cab service to reach Gangotri by road (300 km approximately). You can also book a helicopter ride that starts from Jolly Grant airport and reach Gangotri.

Places of Interest Around Gangotri

Gangotri temple :

Gangotri temple is the main center of attraction. You can book your hotels in Uttarkashi from trusted travel agents. Then take a cab to reach the temple.

Gomukh trek :

The Bhagirathi glacier merges into Gomukh. You can trek your way up to Gomukh. The trek is much loved by adventure lovers. There are no luxury accommodation. The nearest camp is Bojwasa which is 4 km from Gomukh.

Surya Kund :

A trip to Gangotri is incomplete without visiting Surya Kund. Pilgrims revere this spot of natural beauty. You have to cross the bridge to enjoy the Surya Kund waterfall.

Harsil :

This is a beautiful hill hamlet located in Uttarkashi along the Bhagirathi River. The scenic beauty of the place is enchanting. You can find trek option or simply visit the beautiful village to enjoy your time in the lap of nature. Contact your travel agent to know the best time to visit Harsil.

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